Indexical Tweets: “Cutest Animal Footage Of 2011…” Edition

San Diego Zoo Cute Animals

Highlights, lowlights, links, and a 2011 wrap-up of San Diego Zoo content, from the Icon Index Symbol Twitter stream.

RT @sandiegozoo: We compiled all the cutest animal footage of 2011 & this is the result.

This is why the Internet was invented | RT @sandiegozoo: Introducing The Marmoset Song

RT @sandiegozoo: Group of giraffes is called a “tower,” a group of hippos is called a “bloat,” and a group of hyenas is called a “cackle.”

Sunday night neat | RT @sdzsafaripark: Newly rehabilitated golden eagle found friend after release yesterday at Park

O HAI! | RT @sandiegozoo: I see you (by Bill Gracey)

RT @sandiegozoo: Weird species of the day: the axolotl

Perfect | RT @sandiegozoo: Viral video in the making. Watch until the end…

This | RT @sandiegozoo: Hmm…what do I want for Christmas?

RT @sandiegozoo: This just made our morning. #WeLoveOwls

MT @sandiegozoo: In honor of FestOfFlight, starts tmrw, sharing bird photos & trivia thru weekend

Grump|RT @sdzsafaripark:It’s not too late for pics of silverback Winston chowing on pumpkins is it

Difficult to deny | RT @sdzsafaripark: Hogs will be hogs.

RT @sdzsafaripark: #AnimalFact A mother bat can locate her pup by its scent & sound out of millions in a roost.

RT @sdzsafaripark: The rear view for a Safari Park keeper. #BestJobEver

* SDZoo [YouTube]

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