Nostalgia Chick Reviews The Worst And Slightly Not-Worst Disney Sequels Of All Time

Nostalgia Chick

This series is kind of like the Red Letter Media Plinkett Reviews, except replace the conceit of a Midwest hipster being a sociopath with the reality of a USC film geek being jaded about her childhood. The woman is USC Cinema masters student Lindsay Ellis – Twitter, Facebook fan page, blog – and the videos are hosted on That Guy With Glasses.

The full Nostalgia Chick series is here, with the two most recent videos being “Top Ten Worst Disney Sequels” and the “Top Five LEAST Awful Disney Sequels”:


Since I’m supposed to be using this blog for theory, method, and application in communication and science – as opposed to “here’s something shiny, go look at it” – here’s a story from the end of last year about how Disney and YouTube are launching a partnership to distribute original online content. It’s tangentially related to this post in at least three or four ways. Similar partnerships will have significant effects on media content and distribution, from incubating new platforms to changing the distribution of ad revenue. Etc etc.

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